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Are you experiencing difficulty chewing or opening the jaw, this can be a precursor to TMJ onset?

Are you experiencing difficulty chewing or opening the jaw, this can be a precursor to TMJ onset?

TMJ dysfunction, also known as TMD is a ubiquitous condition affecting nearly 10 million Americans. (1) Often times before it develops into full TMJ dysfunction there are precursors or clues that start to show prior to full-blown chronic TMJ dysfunction occurs. The most common precursor to TMJ is jaw muscle tightness which causes decreased ability […]

Upper Cervical Treatment for Post-Concussion Syndrome


We have written extensively about what we feel is the missing link in the post-concussion syndrome discussion and recovery. Any trauma that is severe enough to cause shearing damage to the brain simultaneously damages the soft tissue at the skull neck junction (craniocervical junction).  Because the craniocervical junction(CCJ)  is a “choke point” for neurology, cerebrospinal […]

Hyperacusis, Concussion, and Neck Injury-is there a Connection?


Over the past 18 years, we have been practicing the Blair upper cervical technique in Waco, California. Over those 18 years, we have seen hundreds of concussion cases. Hyperacusis, or sensitivity to sound, is a common symptom experienced by post-concussion syndrome patients. However, post-concussion syndrome patients are not the only ones who have hyperacusis. We […]

Normal shoulder pain can underlay post-concussion syndrome

Normal shoulder pain can underlay post-concussion syndrome

There are a plethora of symptoms that can be associated with post-concussion syndrome including shoulder pain and other musculoskeletal complaints that take a back seat to the cognitive and emotional issues.  Shoulder pain is one of the least acute symptoms associated with the post-concussion syndrome but if severe enough it can add insult to injury. […]

Ear Pain Can Be Masked by Neck Pain


It has been our experience in our Wasco based upper cervical health care office that ear pain and neck pain can be intimately connected.  Sometimes patients have neck pain and ear pain and determining which is the root cause can be difficult. With that said in an upper cervical office, the goal always is to […]

What is the Difference Between TN and TMJ, and How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Can Help.


Many people who suffer with facial pain, jaw pain, and ear pain have a tough time differentiating  what syndrome they suffer from TMJ or TN. With the advent of google it has become easy to become bombarded with too much info.  Unfortunately many who suffer with pain syndromes like tmj and trigeminal neuralgia getting a […]

Everything You Must Know about Meniere’s Disease

Everything You Must Know about Meniere’s Disease

Chiropractic Treatment for Meniere’s Disease Many wonder if Chiropractic treatment for Meniere’s disease can be successful. In 2015 a landmark study published by Dr. Michael Burcon showed 300 consecutive cases of Ménière’s disease with a 98 percent recovery rate using Blair upper cervical chiropractic technique. Unlike the twisting, popping and pulling form of chiropractic care, […]

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