Post Concussion Care in Wasco & Bakersfield


The popularity of youth sports is at an all time high. Football and soccer are two of the most popular sports and cause the most concussions for student athletes. According to the Centers for Disease Control football is the leading cause of concussions among males and soccer is the leading cause for females. 53% percent of high school students had a concussion before starting high school sports. 36% of college athletes have had multiple concussions. A common question is why are youth more susceptible to concussions? One reason is exposure, between games and practices athletes can be participating in the sport 5-6 days a week. 78% of concussions were reported from practices and not games. A typically youth sports schedule has practices 4-5 days a week with 1-2 games. The other reason for the increased risk is the frontal lobe of the brain. The frontal lobe is not fully developed until a person is 25 years old.

These numbers can seem scary to parents. The key is to understand what a concussion is and how to treat or prevent one. The symptoms of a concussion can impact everything from physical, cognitive, emotional and maintenance behaviors. Some of these symptoms would include headaches, concentration issues, irritability and loss of sleep/energy. Understanding the symptoms will help parents and coaches better assist student athletes. Most concussions are hard to identify since it is reported that 47% of athletes do not report feeling symptoms and less than 10% lose consciousness. It is key that both parents and coaches understand the signs and know what to do when an athlete has head trauma.


Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Post concussion Syndrome

Blair upper cervical chiropractic care provided by Dr. Dennis Campbell allows for concussion relief that allows the body to naturally heal itself. Often when an athlete has a concussion due to head trauma the atlas is subluxated due to the injury. Allowing the atlas to be adjusted will allow the brain to communicate with the body which will help alleviate the symptoms many will face. The Blair technique allows the body to return to what it was before the injury and will allow the student to get back to normal faster. Preventative measures such as proper equipment and training to know how to handle a concussion. Another great preventative measure is to ensure you children's spinal health is ready for the rigors of sports. Dr. Dennis Campbell can help by examining the spinal health of your student athlete on a regular basis. This allows you the peace of mind to know their spine is in shape like the rest of their body. A healthy body not only recovers faster but is more likely to prevent injury to start with. The same is true for the spine. Allowing Dr. Dennis Campbell to use the Blair Technique will ensure their atlas is aligned to allow them to perform at a high level. When suffering from a concussion in Bakersfield or Wasco schedule an appointment with Dr. Dennis Campbell.