Jan 05

Asthma Relief and Blair Upper Cervical Care

By craig | Asthma


Asthma Sufferers Seeking Relief Asthma effects 1 in 12 people( about 25 million people) in the United States.  In 2007 Asthma cost about $56 billion in medical costs, missed work/school and early death. (1)   The most alarming part of these numbers is that they are only trending up.  The CDC expects the number of […]

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Sep 11

Oh, My Aching Back Pain

By Dr. Dennis Campbell | Uncategorized


From swinging golf clubs to weeding the garden, popular sports and weekend activities can take a toll on our backs. Even daily chores like lifting heavy groceries or carrying a hefty load of laundry can cause back pain.Millions of people suffer from back every year. Though most back pain is acute or short term and […]

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