Concussion & mild traumatic brain injuries


Mild traumatic brain injuries are also known as concussion. It’s projected that these traumas have an incidence of 3.8 million each year in the United States. Despite this high incidence, moderate traumatic brain injuries and concussions are among the least understood accidents within sports healthcare and the neuroscience communities.

What Are the Causes of Fibromyalgia?


Fibromyalgia (FM) is a condition surrounded by much controversy in what establishes a diagnosis, what would be the consistent historic features, and most of all, what can be done about it — the therapy plans. Doctors look polarized, they “believe in it” or they do not.

Upper cervical chiropractic technique

Upper cervical chiropractic technique

People seeking relief from pain, their condition or seeking to live a life of wellness often consider natural, alternative methods of treatment. Chiropractic care is one of those methods. When prospective patients are looking for chiropractic care and start researching options online, they often find “upper cervical care” specialization and are confused at what that means.

Asthma Relief and Blair Upper Cervical Care


Asthma Sufferers Seeking Relief Asthma effects 1 in 12 people( about 25 million people) in the United States.  In 2007 Asthma cost about $56 billion in medical costs, missed work/school and early death. (1)   The most alarming part of these numbers is that they are only trending up.  The CDC expects the number of […]

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