A Blair Chiropractor Can Help with Sciatica Pain

A Blair Chiropractor Can Help with Sciatica Pain

Sciatica impacts the largest nerve extending down the back of each leg. There are many conditions that can be associated with sciatica. It is important to understand what the indicators are for sciatica, and it is even more important to get to the right practitioner that can determine the underlying cause and correct it.

What are the indicators?

Sciatica usually affects 1 side of the body. Quite often, pain travels from the lower back down through the buttock and then the leg. The pain can also travel to the foot or feet. For many individuals, the pain can be acute. For many others, the pain may be infrequent and irritating. If the underlying cause is not addressed the syndrome will usually progress and become more chronic.

What causes sciatica?

Degenerative disc disease
Pregnancy, that may add a serious strain on the lower back muscles

Piriformis syndrome

Additional factors that may exacerbate pain are:

Wearing high heels

What Can A Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Do That Can Help Sciatica?

If you suffer with either piriformis syndrome or disc bulge you can be helped with Blair Upper Cervical Care. Please know that while Blair work is very helpful in recovering from sciatica, it is also a very helpful general health measure. Your central nervous system is composed of the brain, the brain-stem, the spinal cord and the spinal nerves. As long as you are alive the brain is continually sending messages from the brain to the body. In fact, all cells in the body are directly under the control of the central nervous system. The Blair Doctor’s role in your health process is simple; find structural problems in the neck that have resulted from injury and correct them.

Neck injury can cause irritation to the body’s own healing system. Correcting imbalances in the neck can lead to better posture and muscle balance. Because sciatica is mostly caused by low back disc bulges and piriformis muscle tightness, correcting the neck allows for these lower spine problems to correct. In fact, over 30 percent of new patients that enter Blair Upper Cervical Doctors’ offices have low back pain and sciatica. But don’t take our word for it listen to what some patients have to say about their experience in a Blair upper cervical office and their leg pain and sciatica problems.

What Exactly Does a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor Do?

You might be wondering what does a Blair Doctor do? When you go into a Blair upper cervical office you will have a consultation or history first and foremost. The doctor will want to know about your health history, what accidents or traumas you have had, and then an examination will be done to find out if you have had a neck injury that is causing irritation to the central nervous system. If an interference is located a series of digital x-rays are taken to find exactly how your atlas(c-1) or axis(c-2) has misaligned. Once the x-rays are analyzed a precise, gentle correction is made to restore the misaligned vertebrae into its normal range of motion. The correction removes irritation to the brain-stem and central nervous system. When normal function returns the body can heal itself. Because the piriformis and low back is influenced by the upper cervical spine, correcting this underlying cause can allow the body to recover under its own control. No drugs and no surgery. We hope that the information in this blog has been helpful. We know how difficult it is to be sick, to be in pain and not find answers. The Blair procedure is off the beaten path but sometimes that’s where solutions are found!

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