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Posted in Health Disorders on Sep 5, 2018

Asthma affects 1 in 12 people( about 25 million people) in the United States.  In 2007 Asthma cost about $56 billion in medical costs, missed work/school, and early death. (1) The most alarming part of these numbers is that they are only trending up.  The CDC expects the number of people suffering from Asthma and the cost to increase yearly.  

The good news is Dr. Dennis Campbell offers all-natural relief for people suffering from Asthma!  Dr. Campbell uses Blair Upper Cervical Care which is a very specialized and specific technique focused on the Upper Cervical region of the neck. (2) The brain stem controls the body's respiratory center along with controlling heart function, blood pressure regulation, and more.  The brain stem is housed within the Atlas and Axis bones which are the top 2 bones of the spine.  

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When the Atlas and Axis are out of alignment it creates an interference within the body.  The brain stem is not able to fully function and creates issues within the body as it attempts to adapt.

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Upper Cervical injuries are very common throughout life for everyone.  This is especially true with children due to sports injuries, hared fall, or a head injury.   Another common cause is whiplash.  These trauma events create stress on 2 little bones that are holding up a ten-plus pound head.  This is what leads to the misalignment of the Atlas(C-1) and Axis(C-2). The goal of Dr. Campbell is to find what is causing the interference and do a specific adjustment to the issue.  

Dr. Campbell wants to allow the body to heal naturally as it was intended to.  The Blair technique was developed by Dr. William Blair.  Dr. Blair felt called to become a chiropractor after he was able to overcome the devastating effects of his own Asthma. (3) He found his relief through upper cervical chiropractic care!  We understand that every case is different but we have had some great success in our office in helping people find natural relief for Asthma.  

Upper Cervical Care with Dr. Dennis Campbell: Dr. Dennis Campbell has offices in Wasco and Bakersfield, to serve the entire San Joaquin Valley.  The care that Dr. Campbell offers is precise, gentle, and effective.   The key to the Blair Upper Cervical adjustments is to understand the root cause.  Dr. Campbell doesn't want to cover up the issue but instead tries to solve the issue causing the ailment.  He will start with an exam that will help to understand the misalignment that will lead to precise x-rays of the upper cervical portion of the spine.

This will focus on the Atlas, the top vertebrae of the spine.  He looks over the x-ray and takes measurements specific to allow for a patient-specific adjustment.  This is not a chiropractor visit where you will feel and hear cracking and popping.  This is very detailed to ensure the best adjustment is made for the patient.  Once the adjustment is made you will be amazed at how gentle it is.

The goal is to get the atlas aligned, once that is done other misalignments below it tend to self-correct.  This will allow your body to heal naturally as it was intended to. Often patients will see results in the first visit and Dr. Campbell will continue to monitor to ensure that the adjustment is holding.  Once the Atlas is staying in alignment Dr. Campbell recommends routine checkups to ensure proper alignment. To Schedule an appointment at our Wasco or Bakersfield office call (661) 758-5131  1.



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