Chiropractic Healing: It’s a Journey, Not a Moment

Posted in Health Conditions on Oct 1, 2021

How do you know that chiropractic adjustments work? When can you say “I am healed”? Is it after the fourth or fifth session with your chiropractor? Many patients lose faith in chiropractic because they do not “see the results”. This is understandable. So far, they have been used to taking a pill to make the pain go away instantly. However, chiropractic healing is not about muting the pain. Instead, it is about solving the underlying problem for which pain is just a symptom.

Chiropractic Healing Is a Process

Imagine that you are at the beginning of a journey. You are looking forward to getting to your destination. You are thinking about all the things you will do once you get there. Yet, as you move along, you notice the landscape around you. There are some boring spots that you want to pass faster. But you also go through wonderful towns and majestic mountains or waving fields ready for harvest. You want to stop and admire them and commit them to memory.

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The same thing happens when you start chiropractic treatment. Some days will seem more difficult, especially the first adjustments. You go home and the pain is still there. However, there are also days when you realize that you are more flexible, you’ve gained strength and you can do some of the things which you used to enjoy before your injury or condition changed the course of your life.

This is what chiropractic healing is all about: adjusting your body to regain its regular functions in a natural and non-invasive way. You are not a machine. The chiropractor cannot push a button and reset you to your initial state.

Take Baby Steps and Celebrate Small Victories

As chiropractors, the lack of patience is even more visible when we treat active people, such as professional athletes or people who spend a lot of time working or living outdoors. 

These patients are looking for that magic moment when the chiropractic healing is over and the chiropractor pronounces them fit and healthy. This kind of expectation is actually counterproductive. The patient loses hope and confidence in their chiropractor. Some of them do not return to continue their treatment and opt for painkillers or various invasive and risky treatments.

However, there are patients who are grateful for every small improvement. They take pride and joy in filling in their periodic reports and stating that they really feel a little better. These patients have the right mindset to complete the treatment and understand the true meaning of chiropractic healing.

Each Body Responds Differently to the Same Chiropractic Treatments

Another issue that undermines satisfactory healing is comparing one’s results with those obtained by a friend who referred them. “But John got rid of the pain completely after just three sessions!”

It is true. But maybe John suffered from a different, milder underlying condition. Maybe John simply strained their back in a single accident, while you suffer from chronic back pain. And, even if both you and John suffered from the same thing, each body has a different pattern of response to chiropractic manipulations.

Track Your Progress

Your chiropractor will encourage you to create a chart, graph, or diary to monitor your own progress. Just like parents notch lines on the wall to keep track of their children's growth, you should find your own way of monitoring your recovery process.

It is very important, both for the chiropractor and for your own morale, to have a clear chart of how the treatments work. Apart from the progress reports, share with your chiropractor your own way of monitoring your health. It will be extremely helpful for customizing your chiropractic treatment, changing them, and adjusting them as necessary.

Chiropractic healing is a journey from pain and insecurity to a stronger, healthier you. It may not represent a complete recovery, but your chiropractor can help you reach the maximum improvement and improved quality of life. Call us today and schedule an appointment to find the answer to all your questions.

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