Chiropractic treatment for children colic

Posted in Health Disorders on Sep 15, 2018

When a child is suffering, the parent is suffering as well.  No parent wants to see their child in pain without the ability to help them.  The inconsolable crying that comes along with Colic can be very stressful for the child and the parent.  Colic may only last a short period, but 3 months of a crying and inconsolable baby can create quite the mental strain for the parents.   

No matter what the parent does they may not see the crying stop.  No parent wants to give their newborn child medicines but many think there is no other option.  Instead of leaving the child to cry, they reach out for medicinal help and often are given an over-the-counter remedy.  This may not be their first option, but they feel they have to in order to help their baby and to reduce their own stress levels. There are many studies showing the amount of stress that is put on an infant's body during birth. 

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Also during its time in the womb, the baby is in the natural fetal position for 40 weeks if carried full term.  This does not include any complications during the birth that could have occurred.  When you add these scenarios together it is understandable why chiropractic care could be beneficial due to the contortion the body may have gone through.  When the neck is held at such a position for an extended period of time it is natural for a misalignment to occur.

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Adjustment

Dec 27, 2017

Dr. Dennis Campbell has experience working with parents to help them and their children find relief.  The focus is on realigning the atlas and axis to allow the body to naturally heal.  By doing this adjustment it will allow the brain to communicate through an unobstructed nervous system.  This is what allows that natural healing to begin.  There is not a better time to ensure that a person's spine is in alignment than at the very beginning of their life.  The video is a testimonial from a mother who had a baby suffering from Colic.  She explains how Dr. Campbell helped give normalcy back to their family.  

Upper Cervical Care with Dr. Dennis Campbell: Dr. Dennis Campbell has offices in Wasco and Bakersfield, to serve the entire San Joaquin Valley.  The care that Dr. Campbell offers is precise, gentle, and effective.   The key to the Blair Upper Cervical adjustments is to understand the root cause.  Dr. Campbell doesn't want to cover up the issue but instead tries to solve the issue causing the ailment.  He will start with an exam that will help to understand the misalignment that will lead to precise x-rays of the upper cervical portion of the spine. 

This will focus on the Atlas, the top vertebrae of the spine.  He looks over the x-ray and takes measurements specific to allow for a patient-specific adjustment.  This is not a chiropractor visit that you will feel and hear cracking and popping.  This is very detailed to ensure the best adjustment is made for the patient.  Once the adjustment is made you will be amazed at how gentle it is.  The goal is to get the atlas aligned, once that is done other misalignments below it tend to self-correct.  

This will allow your body to heal naturally as it was intended to.  Often patients will see results in the first visit and Dr. Campbell will continue to monitor to ensure that the adjustment is holding.  Once the Atlas is staying in alignment Dr. Campbell recommends routine checkups to ensure proper alignment.

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