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Posted in Health Disorders on Aug 25, 2017

Big Business is NOT Good for Your Health

We all know the drill. It's January first. We all sit down to make some resolutions and unfortunately by April we have all but forgotten them. That is unless you are one of the few people who doesn’t just make resolutions on January 1st but continue to put checks and balances in place to keep your health, finances, and happiness moving on an uphill trajectory.

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Since we run a health care office we would like to discuss a little-known procedure that has helped thousands in our Wasco offices and hundreds of thousands across this great nation and world. It is called Upper Cervical Health Care. What exactly is Upper Cervical Health Care and how can it help you?

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WE are about to answer this question in the following article. But first, we will briefly rant about the oxymoron “health care system” we live in and expose some common ideas forced down your throat by corporate America in the name of PROFITS, not HEATH.

Unfortunately, Big Pharma has infiltrated the minds of Americans from birth to death. Research shows the average American watches 16 hours of pharmaceutical advertisements a year. Wait a minute – isn’t it the doctor's job to decide what the patient needs not big pharma?

Who allowed drug manufactures to directly market to the public usurping the power of our health care providers? If you think repeated advertising done from crib to death doesn’t affect the mind of the average American and how they think about their health, then this blog is DEFINITELY is not for you. I suggest going to the CDC website, web MD or Merck for your information.

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Upper Cervical Treatment – Consult a Blair Chiropractor

Nov 26, 2017

The programming gets worse. WE walk into Rite Aid, Vons, and Pavilions only to hear on a LOUDSPEAKER – “GET YOUR FLU SHOT”. Or hey we will give you free ice cream if you get a flu shot?

What in the hell is this world coming to? This sounds insane, right? I mean 50 years ago this would have made a great spoof movie. But it is exactly the world you live in and most have never taken a step back to think about the big pharma echo chamber that we are forced into.

We are literally a bunch of sheep having the powers that be – Big PHARMA, Big Oil, Big Food taking potshots at us while we are entrained to buy their garbage through social engineering and big data by the other corporations like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. 

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And the worst part is the prisoners are protecting their captors. It’s a perfect storm and represents Stockholm syndrome on a national scale.

Our school system gets our kids “educated” about “health” (which has nothing to do with health). I crack up when my son comes home from a “health” class and it was a class on the traditional food pyramid. I chuckle inside and then tell my son that isn’t a health pyramid it’s a food industry pyramid.

Why don’t they educate our kids with something meaningful? Like how eating sugar, refined carbs, and all the other garbage found in school vending machines and served in the cafeteria, long term will cause diabetes, diverticulitis, and many of the other diseases manufactured by modern living and processed mainstream food(I mean garbage).

There are so many things that could be taught that empower our kid’s health choices but those will never happen because it is BAD for BIG BUSINESS.

OK, now that I got that off my chest, if you are still with me then you are probably a PERFECT fit for an UPPER CERVICAL HEALTH CARE office. WE have all been led to believe that health is a quick fix.

We have also been led to believe if we don’t hurt or we don’t have symptoms we are fine. WE have also been taught that health is about “fixing things” without considering what caused the thing they are trying to fix in the first place.

In short, you have grown up in a paradigm of health care that would be better-named crisis disease and symptom treatment and management, not health care. Does the medical system have any redeeming value? Yes, if you know how to use it.

Medicine is fantastic at keeping people alive that have been in severe accidents. They are wonderful if you have type 1 diabetes. They serve a role in the end stage of death and in crisis management. End-of-life pain management and keeping you alive in crisis is their specialty. 

WITH THIS SAID THE CURRENT SYSTEM IS AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER IF YOU WANT HEALTH. Health is what you do each day. It is what you put in your mouth. It is about the decisions you make, it’s about the thoughts you have, the month of movement you do, what you put in your mouth and the missing link that we will talk about is your NERVOUS SYSTEM.

Your central nervous system composed of the brain, the brain stem, the cranial nerves, and spinal nerves is the seat of control for ALL functions in the body. If it is the seat of control of ALL function what are we not educated that injuries could damage the structure and interfere with the nervous system's ability to function properly?

Upper cervical health is a health care procedure that has ONE GOAL- to locate, analyze, and correct structural misalignment’s in the neck and restores normal joint motion with the end goal of normalizing nervous system function.

Regardless of what you feel, what symptoms, what disease or no symptoms at all the nervous system should be checked for structural irritation your entire life so you can get well and stay well. This is just common sense. But the common man does not get his neck checked from crib to death because there is no awareness.

And that is ON PURPOSE. The powers that be have no interest in educating the masses on things that keep them well. There are no patents, and therefore no money in most natural procedures. But you now are aware. If you don’t believe me, do more research on the brain stem and the upper cervical spine. Find out what the brain stem controls. What the brain stem regulates. You will find it is the seat of control for everything.

Why are you skeptical? We are skeptical of things that are outside of our current understanding. Everyone who steps foot in an upper cervical health care office is SKEPTICAL. If you were not you would be abnormal. You have no frame of reference for anything outside of medical care.

The concept that your spine is the key to health is new. If anything, you should be skeptical of a health care system named “health care” when they inject poisons, have you swallow poisons to treat effects, and never ask the question of what the cause is. You should be skeptical of a system of health care that has a documented 186 000 deaths a year from PROPERLY prescribed drugs.

You should be skeptical of a health care system that says your child should be injected with 72 vaccines to keep them healthy while these substances contain more 16 times the aluminum that the EPA says is safe. You should be skeptical of giving your kid hep b vaccine at birth when hep b is a sexually transmitted or drug iv user transmitted disease.

You should be skeptical of a system that admits they know about 12 percent of human physiology and when you don’t get well discourage you from seeing anything outside of that health paradigm. You should be skeptical of a doctor who you see and hasn’t gotten you well and then badmouths other disciplines that he knows nothing about.

 What you shouldn’t be skeptical about are your body and its wisdom. You should not be skeptical of your body's amazing wisdom and internal healing capacity. And it is this internal wisdom and intelligence which has been working long before medical men that have gotten us to this point.

If you want to maximize health, then get to a trained professional that can locate analysis and correct misalignment at the base of your skull. Allow what’s already there to work the way go intended it to! 

What is Upper Cervical Health Care? What is the Blair Technique?

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractors use advanced imaging in the form of cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) or digital x-ray to precisely locate upper cervical spinal misalignment. Blair doctors are trained to view the joints of the neck to determine exactly how they have misaligned from normal.

By viewing each individual joint of the neck, it is possible to see and measure joint misalignment. Once this information is recorded it is then used in a precise spinal correction which includes no twisting, popping, or pulling of the neck.

The spinal correction is made while the patient is lying on their side and is painless and quick. Once the offending joint is corrected the body will go through a healing process referred to as retracing. The patient is monitored over time to determine at each visit whether they need another correction or not. While the correction is “holding” in its normal position normal neurophysiology is restored and healing accrues.

The Upper Cervical Procedure is NOT used to TREAT diseases, it is used to maximize the body's ability to function normally. In this process, many different diseases, symptoms, and conditions can improve or remit. Most commonly in our Wasco based office, we see patients with vertigo, Meniere’s disease, tinnitus, post-concussion syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia, depression, anxiety, Eustachian tube dysfunction, speech delay, ADD, trigeminal neuralgia, and of course neck, back and sciatica problems in the office on a weekly basis. 

We hope this article will reach those who are suffering and in need of help. We are big believers that for almost every problem there is a solution. Don’t give up on finding the solution to your health problems! If you are looking to recover health or keep the health, you already have then seen an upper cervical care doctor is a great first step.

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