Natural Relief for TMJ in Wasco & Bakersfield

Posted in Head Disorders on Aug 23, 2018

TMJ which is short for Temporomandibular Joint dysfunction is a condition that affects over 3 million people in the United States every year.  TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders) is the accurate term to describe the issue, TMJ is the name of the joint.  TMJ is the hinge that connects the jaw to the temporal bones. 

This is what allows the jaw to open, move side to side, chew and talk.  TMD is when there are problems with the joints or muscles in the face.  TMJ/TMD is often associated with pain or tenderness in the jaw, headaches, lockjaw, clicking/popping, tooth misalignment, ringing in the ears, neck pain, and shoulder pain.  These symptoms can be minor or life-altering, so severe people result in liquid-only diets and surgery.  There are several things that can cause discomfort with the TMJ. 

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The most common is an injury that is caused by impact or whiplash.  Stress and clenching of the teeth are another leading cause.  The common way to treat TMJ issues is OTC medicines, cold/hot packs, massage, or worst-case surgery.  The problem with this approach is they are not a long-term solution and several just masks the issues.   Dr. Campbell is looking to find the root cause.  The issue may not be caused by your jaw, but instead by an issue with the upper cervical region of your body. 

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The atlas and axis are at the base of your skull and the nervous system runs through the upper cervical region.  Any misalignment of the atlas/axis can create nerve issues.  The Trigeminal nerve is what controls facial functions such as biting and chewing.  If the nervous system is stressed from the misalignment then it will have an impact on other parts of the body.  Dr. Campbell will look at the atlas and axis and make a precise adjustment to ensure it aligned correctly.  This alignment will allow the nervous system to operate as it is supposed to.  The body can then work without interference.

Upper Cervical Care with Dr. Dennis Campbell: Dr. Dennis Campbell has offices in Wasco and Bakersfield, to serve the entire San Joaquin Valley.  The care that Dr. Campbell offers is precise, gentle, and effective.   The key to the Blair Upper Cervical adjustments is to understand the root cause.  Dr. Campbell doesn't want to cover up the issue but instead tries to solve the issue causing the ailment. 

He will start with an exam that will help to understand the misalignment that will lead to precise x-rays of the upper cervical portion of the spine.  This will focus on the Atlas, the top vertebrae of the spine.  He looks over the x-ray and takes measurements specific to allow for a patient-specific adjustment. 

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This is not a chiropractor visit that you will feel and hear cracking and popping.  This is very detailed to ensure the best adjustment is made for the patient.  Once the adjustment is made you will be amazed at how gentle it is.  The goal is to get the atlas aligned, once that is done other misalignments below it tends to self-correct.  This will allow your body to heal naturally as it was intended to. 

Often patients will see results in the first visit and Dr. Campbell will continue to monitor to ensure that the adjustment is holding.  Once the Atlas is staying in alignment Dr. Campbell recommends routine checkups to ensure proper alignment. To Schedule an appointment at our Wasco or Bakersfield office call (661) 758-5131

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