Meet Maria Salinas


About Maria Salinas

Chiropractic Assistant

Maria Salinas is a Chiropractic Assistant at Campbell Chiropractic.

She has been assisting Dr. Campbell since 2013. Beforehand, she was attending Kaplan College located in Bakersfield in the Medical Office Specialist program. After graduating with high honors, she was placed to extern at Campbell Chiropractic, where she gained major experience and further developed her skills.

Upon completing her extern she was asked to be part of the team. She is now responsible for the majority of the back office responsibilities. She has observed Dr. Campbell these past few years and has grown to understand and fully acknowledge his Specialty in the Blair technique. She has noticed the dramatic changes in patients without fully relying on Modern Medicine.

She has seen his love and devotion to his specialty and patients that she has decided to follow in his footsteps and begin her journey into becoming an Chiropractor. She loves seeing the joy and smiles in patients when major surgeries both for children and adults are avoided simply by removing the interference from the brain stem.

After she completes her College Education she will be returning to Wasco in hopes of providing those same joys as her mentor Dr. Campbell.