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Dr. Dennis Campbell didn’t always know he wanted to be a chiropractor. He started college as a business major. After a car accident that left him in much discomfort – even with much medical intervention and plenty of drugs for pain – his father recommended he try chiropractic care. It helped, and he was inspired!

As a second-year college student, he switched majors to gain a proper science background and later enrolled in the University of Western States. He found the academic rigor of Western States to be challenging, but he excelled. His favorite part of the program was adjusting patients in his clinical courses. “It was cool to be able to make an adjustment to the spine and see a patient’s back pain or headache simply go away,” says Dr. Campbell.

After graduating in 1986, Dr. Campbell practiced in Budapest, Hungary for a few years, working alongside medical colleagues and adjusting to the popular Diversified Technique. In 1995 he had an opportunity to return to the States to help establish a rural chiropractic clinic in Wasco, CA. “Truly I thought I’d just be passing through,” says Dr. Campbell. “But after meeting a local girl who later became my wife, I stayed!”

Today Dr. Campbell still practices here in the San Joaquin Valley, serving families and individuals from here in Wasco and all over the Valley as one of just a few Upper Cervical chiropractors in the region.

“I don’t feel like I really knew what chiropractic was about until I’d been in practice for about 15 years,” he says. “That’s when I learned about Upper Cervical and began to understand that’s what it’s all about!” Since then he’s seen a vast number of people helped through the Blair Technique, which you can read more about on the Our Techniques page.

Dr. Campbell and his wife have two grown and married children, as well as grandkids. They are active in their local church, where they both serve, one as a teacher, the other as a Deacon. In addition to having nearly 30 years of experience in chiropractic practice, Dr. Campbell is:

  • Recognized as a pioneer in the use of digital x-rays and CAT scan technology
  • The 2004 recipient of the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor of the Year Award
  • Certified as a Blair Upper Cervical field practitioner
  • Certified as an Advanced Certified Instructor in the Blair technique
  • Active in teaching in major chiropractic colleges and to field practitioners in California
  • A sitting board member on the Blair Chiropractic Society
  • A member of the ICA Council on Upper Cervical Care

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