Chiropractic and Wrist Tendinitis – What You Need to Know

Posted in Upper Extremities on Jun 30, 2022

Wrist tendinitis can affect any person who is performing the repetitive movement with the hand. Whether you are working on a laptop and using the mouse frequently for graphic design or enjoying a game of golf every day, you may experience this unpleasant condition at some point. The good news is that you do not have to wait and experience pain while it heals using the well-known RICE method (rest, ice, elevate, compress). A chiropractor at our clinic can help you recover from wrist tendinitis faster.

What Exactly Is Wrist Tendinitis?

Your wrist is an engineering wonder, consisting of bones, cartilages, muscles, and tendons. Each tendon has a precise job: to help you move your fingers, rotate your hand and get a good grip on a heavy object.

However, if you constantly make the same movements, certain tendons will work harder than others. In time, this leads to overuse, or as you may better know it – wear and tear. The phrase is quite accurate because wrist tendinitis is an inflammation of one or several tendons due to micro-tears in them.

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How to Know that You Suffer from Wrist Tendinitis

Sometimes you feel discomfort and pain in your wrist, but it may be just a small kink in the muscles that will be naturally resolved. However, you should not ignore the following symptoms (any or several of them at the same time):

•    The wrist appears swollen and tender

•    Redness and excessive warmth in the wrist

•    A sensation of grinding  or “catching” as you try to move the wrist

•    Difficulty with certain movements such as lifting heavy objects, turning door knobs, or opening jars.

Can Chiropractic Help with Wrist Tendinitis?

Your family doctor will probably tell you to apply the RICE method and maybe wear a splint to rest the injured wrist. The main issue with this recommendation is that letting the injury heal unaided may lead to scar tissue. Yes, you can get scar tissue on the inside, just as you get on your skin after you cut yourself by mistake.

Chiropractic believes in helping the body heal naturally but in an active way. In our clinic, we believe that every injury and condition deserves all our attention. It’s not just a swollen wrist – it is one of the most important parts of the human body, allowing you to perform so many activities. So, it must heal properly and return to its full mobility and strength.

We use various chiropractic techniques to help patients with wrist tendinitis. The chiropractor will decide on the best combination of therapies after examining you and getting your full medical history.

Therapy at the Clinic, Exercising at Home

Besides chiropractic therapies for wrist tendinitis, your doctor will also recommend simple and easy exercises that you can do at home safely. We select these three routines because they do not involve any degree of risk or difficulty and you do not need specific equipment to do them:

•    Flexion and extension – for this exercise, place your forearm on a table, with the hand just outside the edge. Make sure that the wrist is also clear off the table. With the palm facing down, lift up and bend down your hand as far as it goes. Repeat 5-10 times.

•    Over wrist stretch – extend your arm in front of you, with the palm facing upwards. Use the other hand to bend the hand downwards as far as it goes. Repeat 5-10 times.

•    Under wrist stretch – extend your arm in front of you, with the palm facing downwards. Use the other hand to bend the hand upwards as far as it goes. Repeat 5-10 times.

The chiropractors at our clinic can help you make a full recovery from wrist tendinitis, in a safe and non-invasive manner. We will help you regain the full use of your wrist and teach you how to prevent further injuries. Call us now to book an initial appointment!

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