Pain from Poor Posture Relieved Naturally with Blair Chiropractic Care.

Posted in Health Disorders on Feb 20, 2018

Is Poor Posture Causing You Pain?

Do you sit all day at work?  Are you suffering from back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain?  This pain could be caused by poor posture.  When you are sitting improperly whether it's leaning forward, leaning back, or with weight offset; you are wreaking havoc on your body.  The most common result of poor posture is muscle pain.  

This is caused by the muscles working harder to try and maintain a stabilized spine.  This leads to tightness and fatigue, especially from the neck to the lower back.  Many people have had that burning sensation in between their shoulders and the tightness that comes with it.  Poor posture also leads to subluxations in the spine, especially with the Atlas and Axis.  

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Once this happens you have other issues such as headaches, sitting uneven, and yes, neck pain.  At Campbell Chiropractic we can help ensure you are properly aligned while also helping you learn how to sit properly to prevent discomfort.  The key is to sit with your back straight and shoulders back.  Your feet should be flat on the floor.  Your computer monitor should be at eye level so that you do not have to look up or down.  The keyboard should be at a level that you do not have to be over to type.  

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You should also get up and move around occasionally to stretch and get the blood flowing. Below is a picture showing the proper posture along with the incorrect posture. At Campbell Chiropractic we want to see our patients live life to the fullest.  We want you to be able to focus on your work and leisure instead of the pain from sitting.  Give us a call to set up an appointment so we can help you feel better and show you proper posture techniques.

Upper Cervical Care with Dr. Dennis Campbell:

Dr. Dennis Campbell has offices in Wasco and Bakersfield, to serve the entire San Joaquin Valley.  The care that Dr. Campbell offers is precise, gentle, and effective.   The key to the Blair Upper Cervical adjustments is to understand the root cause.  Dr. Campbell doesn't want to cover up the issue but instead tries to solve the issue causing the ailment.  He will start with an exam that will help to understand the misalignment that will lead to precise x-rays of the upper cervical portion of the spine. 

This will focus on the Atlas, the top vertebrae of the spine.  He looks over the x-ray and takes measurements specific to allow for a patient-specific adjustment.  This is not a chiropractor visit that you will feel and hear cracking and popping.  This is very detailed to ensure the best adjustment is made for the patient.  Once the adjustment is made you will be amazed at how gentle it is. 

The goal is to get the atlas aligned, once that is done other misalignments below it tends to self-correct.  This will allow your body to heal naturally as it was intended to.  Often patients will see results in the first visit and Dr. Campbell will continue to monitor to ensure that the adjustment is holding.  Once the Atlas is staying in alignment Dr. Campbell recommends routine checkups to ensure proper alignment.

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