Top Signs that You Need Chiropractic

Posted in Health Conditions on Aug 5, 2022

Many people hear about chiropractors and what they do and think: “but I’ll never need to go to a chiropractor”. In reality, many of us would benefit from adjustments and other chiropractic therapies. The problem is that we get used to those little nagging pains and signs of discomfort and consider them a natural part of life. In reality, it is not natural to be in pain and to experience any kind of stiffness in joints. The body is engineered to work perfectly. So, if you experience any of the symptoms we will discuss below, you need chiropractic.

1. You Work Sitting Down at a Desk

Many people do not realize how bad for their health it is to sit down for around 8 hours every day. In most cases, they do not even have a correct posture, because their chair and desk are not properly adjusted for their height. Over time, poor posture leads to neck and back pains, misaligned joints, and stiff muscles.

So, if you have been working in an office for several years, you need chiropractic evaluations and adjustments periodically. Also, the chiropractor will help you maintain a correct posture and choose hobbies that involve being active.

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2. You Are Plagued by Headaches

Headaches are one of the main reasons why people buy over-the-counter pain medication. The problem is that these pills only numb the pain. The real cause of the headaches remains – the proof of this being that these headaches return.

So, why do you need chiropractic for headaches? The answer is that many underlying causes of headaches are:

•    Misaligned vertebrae in the neck

•    Poor blood flow

•    Inflammation of the middle ear.

A chiropractor can solve these problems in a safe and non-invasive way.

3. Your Shoes Wear Out Unevenly

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Have you noticed that one of your shoes always wears out faster than the other? This may be annoying to you and require frequent shoe purchases. But it is also a worrying sign of poor gait. It means that you are putting more body weight on one leg than on the other.

It means that one of the main joints in your body, especially the hip or the knee, is weak or misaligned. In time, it can lead to several inflammatory conditions, from plantar fasciitis and bursitis to ankylosing spondylitis. So, if your shoes wear out unevenly, you need chiropractic to solve the actual cause of this issue.

4. You Experience Muscle Pain and Knots

Muscles work together with joints, ligaments, and tendons. When you experience recurring muscle pains or knots (especially after working out or other forms of intense physical activity) then something is preventing the muscles from working properly. In most cases, it is a problem with the joint.

A chiropractor at our clinic will quickly identify the issue and create a personalized treatment plan for you. In parallel with resolving the problem in the joint, the chiropractor will focus on strengthening the muscle and restoring its full flexibility.

5. You Suffer from Chronic Back Pain

Unfortunately, chronic back pain is one of the most widespread health issues all over the globe. At the same time, it is one of the most ignored issues. As we explained above, people get used to pain and believe it to be a fact of life, an element of growing older.

Yet, it is not so. Pain is a sign of something wrong in the body. Chronic back pain may mean misaligned vertebrae in the spine, muscle injury, and inflammation after years of manual labor or other forms of repetitive physical activities. In the US alone, it is responsible for the biggest percentage of sick days that workers have to take. If you suffer from this health problem, you need chiropractic. Otherwise, the condition may progress to the point where your doctor will recommend a complex surgery – something that is never guaranteed to be 100% effective.

6. You Were Involved in a Sports or Traffic Accident

Sudden trauma to any part of the body has both visible and invisible consequences. Bruising, cuts, and bleeding are the visible signs. They can be dealt with and resolved. The danger for your long-term wellbeing comes from the invisible injuries: pulled muscles, misaligned joints, and tears in the ligaments.

You need chiropractic after such a traumatic event. And, if it is a personal injury case, the chiropractor’s records will be acceptable in any court to prove the extent and severity of your injuries.

7. You Want to Stay Active into Your Golden Years

Some people look forward to their retirement to sit down, read a book and slow down their activities. But most of us want to take advantage of the free time to pursue hobbies and activities we simply could not fit into our busy schedules. However, many people see their hopes dashed, because their bodies no longer cooperate.

If you want to stay healthy, strong, active, and pain-free in your old age, you need chiropractic. Ongoing adjustments and other therapies will resolve any problems in your spine and joints and keep your muscles toned and fit.

Whenever you need chiropractic, the experienced doctors at our clinic are ready to help you. Call us now to schedule an initial evaluation appointment!

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